Decompressive Drying System

  • Decompression of the drying room enable water with in grain to go out taster and evaporate at lower temperature.
  • Loss of airflow is minimized by the change of the structure of heated passage.

Artificail Intelligence (AI) Control

  • By the optimal built-in all drying program, if you push only one buttom, the best quality drying is automatically progressed.
  • If the final moisture content is reached or the set drying time elapses, dryer automatically stops to prevent from over drying.

Diagonal Flow Blower

  • Diagonal flow blower can produce large airflow and high pressure but noise and vibration is relatively low.
  • The effect of decompression in drying room enable low temperature drying and high drying efficiency.

Technical Specifications


Items NCD-62AX
 Capacity (Paddy) (kg) 2700~10000
 Machine Dimension  Length (mm) 3460
 Width (mm) 2500
 Height (mm) 8265
 Blower  Form  Diagonal Flow Type
 Electric Power (Kw) 2.2 x 2EA
 Rotational Frequency (RPM) 1730
 Burner  Form  Gun Type 4 Stage
 Ignition Type  AC Electronic Ignition
 Fuel Kerosene, Husk, Coal
 Electric Voltage  Single Phase/ Three Phase, 220V/380V, 50Hz/60 Hz
Electric Power (Kw) 10.0
 Burner  Input Time (min) 45-50
 Ouput Time (min) 55-60
 Drying Rate (% /h) 0.7~1.0
 Circulation Period (min) 55-60
 Control Device  Safety Device Protect relay, airflow switch, flame detector, overheat protector, load abnormal (overload, unloading) detector, thermal sensor abnormal detection, alarm
 Operation Control AI Control system (micro processor and program)
 Moisture Control  Program type automatic moisture control
 Time Control  Program type digital timer